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Divorce Lawyers for Men™, a division of Morris-Sockle, PLLC, is a network of family law firms across Washington State.  We engage with skilled attorneys who are looking for a smart and effective way to build their caseloads.  Our integrated and cutting-edge marketing generates contacts from thousands of potential clients each year.  We do an initial intake on potential clients in our office and transfer them to the appropriate DFLM regional office (including our own!)  DLFM attorneys provide the legal representation, while DLFM staff handle the administrative and financial components.  The result? Satisfied clients and thriving practices.

Over the last decade DLFM has generated over 35,000 calls from potential clients and generated over $24 million in client fees.

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A quick breakdown from 2022.

In 2022, Divorce Lawyers for Men sent Regional Attorneys over 2,000 potential clients, scored over 300 contracted clients, and paid out over $1 million to attorneys working with us.

Divorce Lawyers for Men is a team of experienced professionals, sharp minds, and award-winning attorneys working together to generate hundreds of new potential client calls each month for our regional attorneys.

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“Divorce Lawyers for Men is a way to help people going through tough situations while working with a top notch team that aims to serve. Our experience has been pleasant, the staff is helpful and responsive, and it has allowed our firm to continue to grow. I truly value this relationship, and others should consider looking into the exceptional job that they do.”

Vincent Humphrey – Bellevue Attorney

“I have been working with DLFM for the last couple years. I love that they take care of the business aspect so that I can take care of my clients’ legal needs.”

Diane Broderson – Spokane Attorney

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Do I need to sign a contract?2019-03-08T11:27:39-08:00

No, you do not have to sign a contract. The agreement may be terminated by you and/or DLFM at any time for any reason.

What are your requirements?2023-07-27T11:04:38-07:00
  • Attorneys must be licensed in Washington State and be in good standing with the WSBA.
  • Attorneys must work in a professional office environment.
  • Attorneys must have at least 1 full-time support person to answer calls.
  • Attorneys must be committed to advocating aggressively for their clients.
  • Attorneys must have professional liability insurance.
  • Attorneys must be committed to providing excellent service to their clients.
How does the DLFM system work?2023-07-27T11:03:52-07:00

We use advanced internet and traditional marketing techniques to reach potential clients who are actively seeking a Family Law attorney in Washington State. Next, we engage and earn their trust with an informative website, educational divorce guide and comprehensive resources. In turn, interested individuals contact DLFM and are connected with the appropriate attorney, based on their residence, or legal jurisdiction. The result, satisfied clients and thriving practices.

How much do you charge for leads?2019-03-08T11:26:13-08:00

Our leads don’t cost you a dime. There are no up-front costs or monthly fees. We send our attorneys a steady stream of potential clients, and split the fees generated from each client retained.

Are you a referral service?2019-02-28T09:48:30-08:00

No, we are not a referral service. We are a local law firm based in Washington state. We enter into joint-representation agreements with existing law firms that are looking for a smart way to augment and in some cases, build their family law practice. We work together to maneuver the changing—and challenging world of legal marketing and practice management.

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