The date is October 24th, 2019; it is a Thursday.
The scene: Bowlero, a modern bowling alley with an industrial twist just south of Seattle.
The event: DLFM Annual Mixer

Let me paint you a picture. It all starts when you open the doors. Leading into the space you walk past a Las Vega’s lit arcade which fills the entryway with the symphony of whirls, pings, pops, and whistles. There is a buzz of activity already filling your mind, but not the type that is overwhelming. It is more the feeling you have when you are coming home to a family gathering and you open the door to hear the sounds of avid and excited conversation.

It sets the mood. At first, you don’t know exactly where to go (there’s a lot going on.) But, as you continue forward past the Ms. Pac-Man console and the Air Hockey tables, you see a few familiar faces from the year before, maybe even some coworkers who have already arrived. You head in that general direction. Maybe you raise a slight hand, maybe a nod, heck, maybe even give an old friend a hug; this, of course, all depends on your style. It’s a party after all.

A section of the bowling alley has been dedicated to the event, and that’s probably why they call it the event room. Electric blue lights illuminate each lane, splashing ocean colors across hard wood, which is interrupted by a series of bowling balls cleverly bowled down the lane by a fellow attorney or paralegal.

Excitement begins to rise, and you quickly check in, slap a name tag on your chest, and grab a drink from one of the friendly hosts. You have a few options at that point. Some grab some food, sit down and relax from the car ride, letting others come to them.  Some are already ready and march head first into conversation. Or, maybe you are the type of person that gathers up a group and starts a healthy game of bowling (we can all agree there is nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition.) Regardless of your method of choice, time flows differently when you are among good friends and solid company. And, that’s exactly what the DLFM Annual Mixer was this year: time spent with good friends and solid company.

Hi, I’m Austin Hunt, the Digital Marketing Strategist at Divorce Lawyers for Men, and I would like to personally thank each and every one of the individuals that showed up for our Mixer this year! I had a ton of fun, a bunch of great conversations, and made so many new friends. Here’s some photos from this year’s event, and, I look forward to see all of you at next year’s gathering.

In the meantime, here are your photos:

Austin Hunt

Austin Hunt

Austin, the Digital Marketing Strategist at Divorce Lawyers for Men, has been building websites and successfully hitting business goals for businesses for over 5 years. He is a firm believer in putting people first, and providing positive online experiences.

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