Growing Your Law Firm

How Technology Helps Lawyers Build a Better Law Firm

Each day, computers evolve, new software develops, and technology further ingrains itself into our society. Before 2020, the world was already technology-driven, but the pandemic accelerated that ten-fold as everyone transitioned to remote settings. Using computers, cloud-based applications, or digital software became the norm in a work-from-home setting. However, [...]

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Are You Ready to Add an Associate or Legal Assistant?

Staffing your firm is a double-edged sword. The additional support is often vital to maintaining a healthy and profitable caseload.  Yet, the additional overhead and drain on assets that go with adding staff can seem overwhelming and intimidate the best of us. There is no doubt that a careful cost and benefit analysis is necessary when altering [...]

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Selling Yourself to Potential Clients

No attorney likes to see themselves as a salesman. We are much too sophisticated and analytic for that. However, there are so many aspects of our professional life that require us to convince others to trust us and accept our view on issues that it is almost impossible to not [...]

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10 Tips to Start 2021

Towards the end of every year, we should all look at what we have accomplished professionally over the previous months, evaluate, and make a game plan for our business in the coming year.  It seems like a simple enough concept. And yet it is a process that frequently gets [...]

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Is Avvo working for you or are you for them?

Platforms like Avvo, Yelp, and other attorney directories are sold to attorneys as means to help potential clients find and select the attorney for legal services.  The directories provide consumers with a means to see reviews and rankings of the attorneys.  At first the legal directories look like an [...]

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