As Divorce Lawyers we are comfortable in mediations and the courtroom. That is where we spend many days of our lives practicing our tradecraft, but for our clients this is a new and scary place.  It is an environment in which they do not know the rules of success nor survival.

We have prepared a video and handout of the Divorce Survival Rules that has helped many of our clients, and that we believe will help your clients be a team player in the process, rather than a problem.  Please feel free to share the video and download the handout.  They will help your client feel more comfortable in our strange world of litigation.

The Divorce Rules for Men Video:

Here’s the shareable link:

The Divorce Rules Handbook:

You can download the PDF by clicking here or by clicking the photo below.

Divorce Rules Check List
Frank Morris

Frank Morris

Frank, co-founder and senior partner of Divorce Lawyers for Men, has spent the last 40 years litigating complex legal claims. He is a Founding Member of the WSAJ distinctive Eagle Program; a Presidents’ Club member of the AAJ; and a member of Million Dollar Advocates, Washington State Bar Association, Thurston County Bar Association, and King County Bar Association Family Law Section.

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